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Steven Tyler: “American Idol” Reveals True American Hero

In Celebrity, Human Interest, Music, Reality TV, Television on January 28, 2011 at 9:15 am

Author: Alicia Milan

I have always been a fan of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. From his singing and instrumental abilities, to his looks and style, he is the total package. However, I never expected what I have seen of him on his newest stint as a judge on American Idol. I expected a judge with the chops to make reasoned decisions. I expected a lot of things, but I am truly surprised but what I actually got. We have been privy to a glimpse of a  sweet, caring, emotional, honestly good man.  Damn, who woulda thunk it with his hard rocking, hard partying, womanizing image, that a genuinely evolved human being resides within. I have seen him empathize, admonish  Randy not to tell someone they are “bad” and be honest, while not crushing a spirit or dreams. I cried while watching him with contestant Chris Medina’s wheelchair-bound fiancé Julia Ramos. (Medina’s story of caring for her after her traumatic brain injury makes him another American Hero.)  Tyler hugged and kissed Ramos and whispered in her ear with obvious caring and raw emotion. Both Jennifer Lopez and Randy gave perfunctory attention to Ramos while looking slightly uncomfortable. I don’t know why I was so surprised and unreasonably proud, but I was.   While my concern remains that the new judges are too nice and don’t give really constructive criticism and suggestions may still stand, my respect for the man went up a thousand fold.  He has fought and won over his personal demons, and rightfully earned legend status in the world of music. He has now earned my respect (for whatever that is worth) and most likely the respect of many who have been avidly watching this new ‘Idol’ judging panel. Kudos to you Steven. Keep on setting an example for all the world to see of just plain decency, humanity and all the beauty that humans are capable of but so very rarely display.


American Idol Judges: Dream Team or Cream Puff Team?

In Celebrity, Music, Reality TV, Television on January 20, 2011 at 10:30 am

Author: Alicia Milan

The new season of American Idol is off and running. I watched last night with my daughter out of sheer curiosity. I love Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. I was sooooo hoping that this combination of judges would rock the panel. Unfortunately, one can’t live on hope alone. And seriously, that’s all I had and they took it away like candy from a baby. They were all soooo niiiiice. Nauseatingly, sickeningly, uselessly..NICE. It was pointless and boring and they offered little to no real observations on who HAD or didn’t HAVE *IT*. It may squeeze my innards to say, but the panel needed Simon, or any facsimile there of, to cut to the chase. Kids were put through to the next round that won’t survive 5 minutes. They pacified, they weenied out, and they whined over how HARD this was. OK, let’s break this down for you. To judge…would mean to offer an opinion, hopefully an educated one and even times harsh when necessary. It means to make clear cut decisions and do your best at tossing the weeds in search of the roses. We ended up with a lot of weeds with an occasional rose thrown in. Here’s hoping Nigel recognises where this panel is coming up short and fixes it ASAP. Otherwise, the megalith we all knew and loved as American Idol is on a very wobbly pair of last legs. I’m buying a new black outfit for the funeral while all the while hoping not to have to wear it.

Kate Gosselin’s Planning New Episodes of Pimp my Pride

In Celebrity, Family, Reality TV, Television on January 19, 2011 at 11:24 am

Author: Alicia Milan

Kate Gosselin, of Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame and of the Dancing with the Stars debacle, is returning to her own show and then some. This woman’s 15 minutes of fame has gone on way too long. As annoying as she is to me personally, I loved Jon & Kate Plus 8. It is the children that the viewers adore, and as long as they are around, she will have a hand of cards to play.

So here’s the scoop: A rep for TLC confirmed for People magazine that she will be starring in a new series called Twist of Kate. The show will begin airing this summer in a sort of fan-letter response to highlight women in their own tough situations. I am curious as to the tough situation that qualified Kate to head up this new series? Millions of women have cheating husbands and get divorced. Very few have it happen while making bucket loads of money pimping their kids on TV and in books. Not one thing about this new show sounds interesting, but time will tell.

The kids will come in on a number of specials on TLC of Kate Plus 8. So Kate will continue to pimp her pride, something many viewers will never tire of. Although I have to note here, on the final episodes where it was just her and the kids, her annoying factor skyrocketed as she ‘performed’ for the cameras announcing all of her ‘alone firsts’ and trying way too hard to show that she could carry Jon & Kate Plus 8 without Jon. 

Here’s hoping we see the more natural environment of the Gosselin pride that we know and love.

MIA Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels Returns Tuesday July 20th at 9pm on A&E

In Celebrity, Reality TV, Television on January 19, 2011 at 11:11 am
 Author: Alicia Milan
Gene Simmons, Family Jewels

After being missing in action for quite some time now, A&E has finally released Gene Simmons Family Jewels from TV purgatory. They have offered no explanation to the loyal viewers for its suspicious disappearance and foul play must be suspected. A return date of Tuesday, July 20th for a one-hour special at 9pm/ET has been announced, along with a permanent schedule change to Tuesday nights. 

Now in its 5th season, Tuesday will mark a milestone of the 100th episode of this oddly addicting show. For those who have not tuned in as of yet, its longevity alone should clue you in that you may just be missing out on some damn fine reality TV. The show follows iconic KISS frontman Gene Simmons and his longtime partner and former Playboy Playmate, Shannon Tweed along with their offspring Nick (21) and Sophie (18). It is a humorous, real and often times touching look into their world. 

This long awaited, much anticipated return will be followed by KISSteria at 10pm. It seems that while they held Family Jewels hostage, A&E has embarked on a mission to further capitalize on the amazing popularity of the KISS phenomenon. KISSteria will follow KISS on tour for a behind the scenes look at the living legends at work. This year is the 35th anniversary of their groundbreaking Alive album. This promises to be pure nirvana for all the diehard KISS fans, young, old and in-between.

For those who have been left in suspension, who have worried, fretted and cried tears of despair, A&E owes a long overdue heartfelt apology. Cruelty of this magnitude should be penalized. It should be outlawed, and I for one, while outraged, eagerly anticipate its return.  

Bravo Increases Its Unscripted Programming (Reality Shows!)

In Celebrity, Reality TV, Television on May 24, 2010 at 7:23 am

Author: Alicia Milan

Bravo, a division of NBC Universal, has announced that it is increasing its unscripted programming by 20 percent. They have seen the reality TV light. Amen and pass the bread, brother!

In the last four years Bravo’s ratings have risen to #18 among cable entertainment networks in primetime with adults 18-49. This is largely due to the reality shows that keep the viewers coming back for more. They are also the fastest growing network for women in that demographic.

Bravo’s reality TV programming is a guilty pleasure for many. They are preaching to the choir on this one; as a member in good standing of that demographic, I will admit to the addictive quality of these shows. Bravo to Bravo… and long live the unscripted.

We can expect to see the return of:

Flipping Out (4th season), Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (6th season), The Real Housewives of Atlanta (3rd Season), The Real Housewives of NYC (3rd Season), Rachel Zoe Project (3rd Season), Shear Genius (3rd season), Top Chef Masters (2nd season), and The Millionaire Matchmaker (3rd season),

In addition, their will be a new slew of unscripted shows to add to the mix.

Stay tuned for a follow up of what new shows to expect as well as premiere dates and times as they become available for the old and the new.

It’s Official: Simon Cowell is Leaving American Idol

In Celebrity, Human Interest, Music, Reality TV, Television on May 24, 2010 at 7:20 am

Author: Alicia Milan

Once again the rumor mills had it right on the money. Simon Cowell announced that he is leaving American Idol to focus on his US X FACTOR project. 2010 will be his last season on the show. Cowell was attending the Television Critics winter press tour when he made the announcement that many were expecting. Both shows will be a part of Fox’s lineup.

The loss of both Paula Abdul and soon Simon Cowell will be a tremendous blow to American Idol. It will be interesting to see how the show fares in 2011. While Cowell may be the judge viewers love to hate, however blunt and unkind, his assessments and comments are often the most accurate of the judging panel. He knows the music business, has a finely tuned ear — and most importantly perhaps — an even more finely tuned awareness of what does and doesn’t work. Paula, although more warm and fuzzy in her delivery, also has a strong music background and her blend of positive encouragement and constructive criticism were a key component of the panel. 

Is Idol strong enough at this point to stand and keep its share of the viewing audience without them? Randy will be the last of the original judges and while he is a known quantity on the show, he is the least popular of the judges. The real question will be is Jackson enough to carry Idol on his own with a new and inexperienced panel?  Time will tell, and the viewers will be judge and jury on these changes.

The New Season of Project Runway to Air January 14

In Celebrity, Reality TV, Television on April 16, 2010 at 9:30 am

The 7th season of Project Runway is set to air January 14 at 10 p.m. EST on the Lifetime Channel. Project Runway returns to its NYC roots this season. Judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia return as does their supermodel host, the beautiful Heidi Klum. The contestants remain under the kind but watchful eye of Tim Gunn, who is also Liz Clairborne’s chief creative officer.
Nicole Richie will be the season premiere guest judge. Sara Rae, Project Runway executive producer feels that “Nicole is a fabulous judge.” Having watched Nicole’s fashion sense develop over the years, she has morphed from a trendy-trampy combination to quite the classy style icon. She has strong opinions and she is not afraid to air them.

Other guest judges will make appearances throughout the season.

Author: Alicia Milan

The Bachelor Season 14 Airs Tonight on ABC

In Celebrity, Reality TV, Television on March 18, 2010 at 7:31 am

Author: Alicia Milan

You can rest assured when rumors are flying before the season even begins to air, it is gearing up to be a juicy one. Well lock and load ladies and gents, because The Bachelor Season 14 airs tonight on ABC with a two-hour premiere.
The bachelor du jour is Jake Pavelka of Dallas, another pretty, homogenous all American boy. This season’s title, The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love is a fairly corny (ok, very corny) reference to Jake’s profession as a Commercial Pilot. Jake’s claim to fame, as seems to be the pattern of late, is a losing stint on last season’s Bachelorette.

The Bachelor

The juicy tid bits that started the rumor mills a spinning, spawned from the promo ABC aired of the coming season. It showed  some girl-on-girl action in the house, and had one contestant outing another (namelessly) for a sexual affair with someone else in the house. The NY Post reported that the affair was supposedly with a male member of the production crew. It seems that this also confirmed what was being tossed around some reality TV fan web site’s. ABC has refused comment, and let’s be honest here, rumors bring viewers. That was no accidental leak in the promo. Now it will be interesting to see if the teaser promo was just that, a teaser, or if there really will be some juicy bits to watch this season!

Post Script: Just as this article was about to be published, Chris Harrison, the host of the dating show confirms today that the rumors are true. A male producer and a contestant had an affair and it will be aired on the show. What incredible timing (ahem…stunt) to bring viewers on board for tonight’s premiere.

American Idol’s Dreadlocked Crooner Jason Castro Marries

In Celebrity, Music, Reality TV, Television on March 18, 2010 at 7:28 am

Author: Alicia Milan

Jason Castro of American Idol’s season 7 is a married man at the ripe old age of 22. The dread-locked, honey-voiced singer with the devastating blue eyes is officially off the list of eligible bachelors. Judging by the comments left on his blog, this is quite a harsh blow to his female fans! 

Jason married fiance Mandy Mayhall on Saturday in his Texas hometown. The couple announced their engagement in November of this year. Jason’s own blog gave details of his bachelor party earlier this week. News about the wedding was tweeted by his wedding guests on Saturday. Ahhhh social media, love it, love it, love it!

American Idol Premiere Set for January 12th

In Celebrity, Music, Reality TV, Television on March 18, 2010 at 7:24 am

Author: Alicia Milan 

The new season of Fox’s monolith, American Idol will have a four-hour, two- night premiere that will begin airing on January 12th. Following the always entertaining and occasionally painful open audition rounds, 12 male and 12 female semifinalists will be announced on February 17th, and voting will begin on February 23rd.

Simon and Randy remain as judges this year although rumor has it that 2010 may be the last Idol season for Simon. Cowell is preparing to bring his UK hit the X-Factor series to the US in 2011. Kara DioGuardi remains as well, not that her presence seemed vital as part of the judges panel. She added little to the mix, but at least she has a solid music business background to add some validity to her input.

Ellen DeGeneres replaces Paula Abdul this year. Abdul announced her departure from the show amidst a contract dispute earlier this year. Paula will be missed by contestants and viewers alike. She was the perfect Yin to Simon’s Yang and provided a warmth and caring to the contestants many of whom are young and green.

Ellen will not appear until February after the tryout rounds, and her lack of music backround leaves a question mark as to why she was chosen as a panel judge. Perhaps the hope is that she will add a comic factor to the proceedings.

Guest judges at the auditions will include; Mary J. Blige, Avril Lavigne, Joe Jonas, Katy Perry, Shania Twain, Kristin Chenoweth, Neil Patrick Harris and Victoria Beckham.