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Steven Tyler: “American Idol” Reveals True American Hero

In Celebrity, Human Interest, Music, Reality TV, Television on January 28, 2011 at 9:15 am

Author: Alicia Milan

I have always been a fan of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. From his singing and instrumental abilities, to his looks and style, he is the total package. However, I never expected what I have seen of him on his newest stint as a judge on American Idol. I expected a judge with the chops to make reasoned decisions. I expected a lot of things, but I am truly surprised but what I actually got. We have been privy to a glimpse of a  sweet, caring, emotional, honestly good man.  Damn, who woulda thunk it with his hard rocking, hard partying, womanizing image, that a genuinely evolved human being resides within. I have seen him empathize, admonish  Randy not to tell someone they are “bad” and be honest, while not crushing a spirit or dreams. I cried while watching him with contestant Chris Medina’s wheelchair-bound fiancé Julia Ramos. (Medina’s story of caring for her after her traumatic brain injury makes him another American Hero.)  Tyler hugged and kissed Ramos and whispered in her ear with obvious caring and raw emotion. Both Jennifer Lopez and Randy gave perfunctory attention to Ramos while looking slightly uncomfortable. I don’t know why I was so surprised and unreasonably proud, but I was.   While my concern remains that the new judges are too nice and don’t give really constructive criticism and suggestions may still stand, my respect for the man went up a thousand fold.  He has fought and won over his personal demons, and rightfully earned legend status in the world of music. He has now earned my respect (for whatever that is worth) and most likely the respect of many who have been avidly watching this new ‘Idol’ judging panel. Kudos to you Steven. Keep on setting an example for all the world to see of just plain decency, humanity and all the beauty that humans are capable of but so very rarely display.


Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva No Longer a Couple

In Celebrity, Family, Human Interest on January 19, 2011 at 11:19 am

Author: Alicia Milan

Mel Gibson has split with his baby-mama, pianist and singer, Oksana Grigorieva. I know this probably comes as shock to many of you and the public upset must be tremendous. They have dated for a whole year and have a five-month old daughter together named Lucia. It’s always so sad to see the demise of long, loving relationships.

People reportsthat they just “drifted apart.” It is encouraging to hear that they remain friends and will raise Lucia together. I am sure he will fit her in somewhere with the fathering duties to his brood of seven children and two grandchildren with his now ex-wife, Robyn Moore. They were together approximately 30 years before she filed for divorce after being separated from Mel for three years.

Mel is well known for his drinking problems, as well as his hatred for Jews, and his very vocal stance denying the existance of the Holocaust. The Russian Ms. Grigorieva may have made the fatal mistake of not learning English well enough first before pairing off with the delightful Mr. Gibson. Perhaps if she had, she would have learned earlier on what an a**hole he really is and would have run for the hills before producing more of his spawn.

If she was fluent in English upon their pairing, I cannot fathom why in the world she would choose this poor excuse for a man as her baby’s father. The only thing that comes to mind is dollar signs, which may have deafened, blinded, and robbed her of all common sense, as so often happens when wealth is involved.

Truly, the last thing this world needs, is more of his children. Please god I pray that the mothers have some intelligence and common sense and teach the children truth, tolerance and to just be decent human beings.  God knows Mel doesn’t have that capacity, although he apparently has the capacity for large quantities of alcohol. I would like to believe the pickling of his brain and liver is responsible for some of his horrific behavior, but he espoused his deranged beliefs long ago, while quite sober.

Do the world a favor Mr. Gibson, go back to Australia. Be a father to the children you have produced and don’t speak publicly ever again. Live a life out of the public eye where no one ever need be exposed to your hateful rhetoric. The world, and I, will be eternally grateful.

It’s Official: Simon Cowell is Leaving American Idol

In Celebrity, Human Interest, Music, Reality TV, Television on May 24, 2010 at 7:20 am

Author: Alicia Milan

Once again the rumor mills had it right on the money. Simon Cowell announced that he is leaving American Idol to focus on his US X FACTOR project. 2010 will be his last season on the show. Cowell was attending the Television Critics winter press tour when he made the announcement that many were expecting. Both shows will be a part of Fox’s lineup.

The loss of both Paula Abdul and soon Simon Cowell will be a tremendous blow to American Idol. It will be interesting to see how the show fares in 2011. While Cowell may be the judge viewers love to hate, however blunt and unkind, his assessments and comments are often the most accurate of the judging panel. He knows the music business, has a finely tuned ear — and most importantly perhaps — an even more finely tuned awareness of what does and doesn’t work. Paula, although more warm and fuzzy in her delivery, also has a strong music background and her blend of positive encouragement and constructive criticism were a key component of the panel. 

Is Idol strong enough at this point to stand and keep its share of the viewing audience without them? Randy will be the last of the original judges and while he is a known quantity on the show, he is the least popular of the judges. The real question will be is Jackson enough to carry Idol on his own with a new and inexperienced panel?  Time will tell, and the viewers will be judge and jury on these changes.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand Officially Engaged

In Celebrity, Human Interest, Music, Television on April 16, 2010 at 9:24 am

Author: Alicia Milan

Comedian Russell Brand 34, and “I Kissed A Girl” singer Katy Perry 25, are offically engaged. The two met four months ago when Brand flirted with her outrageously on the MTV awards show he was hosting. They have been together ever since.

Katy and Russell were on a trip to Asia that was her Christmas gift from him. They were in India staying at the 5 star Taj Rambagh Palace in Jaipur. Russell arranged for a horse and carriage ride to take them to a dinner under the stars at the base of a Jaipur mountain on New Year’s Eve. While watching the midnight fireworks atop an elephant, the comic proposed. Talk about a proposal to remember.

Russell claims that Katy has tamed him and only time will tell. If he puts as much time and consideration into the marriage as he did into the proposal they may just have a fighting chance in the world of tenuous celebrity partnerships.

Russell confirmed the engagement via text message to the UK’s Sun Bazaar Editor Gordon Smart. His rep confirmed the engagement on Wednesday.

Much luck to the newly affianced couple!

Heiress Casey Johnson to Have a Private Funeral This Week

In Celebrity, Human Interest on April 16, 2010 at 9:19 am

Author: Alicia Milan

Casey JohnsonHeiress Casey Johnson passed away on Monday at the age of thirty. Ms. Johnson was the great-great grandaughter of mega-pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson co-founder Robert Woods Johnson, and the daughter of NY Jets owner Robert Woods Johnson IV. Her family has arranged for her body to be flown back east and she will be laid to rest this week in a private funeral.

Casey suffered with Juvenile Diabetes and was a daily insulin user. She also had a past history of drug abuse. Conclusive autopsy results are pending the toxicology tests. Police reported that it did not appear as if illegal drugs were involved and speculation is that she may well have forgotten to take her insulin and passed as a result of her diabetes.

Ms. Johnson was an openly gay socialite and as such drew her share of paparazzi attention and tabloid headlines. She had been linked in the past to Yahoo! Heiress Courtenay Semel and most recently engaged to internet and reality tv celebrity Tila Tequila.

Ms. Johnson is survived by her parents, Robert and Sale Johnson, two sisters and her toddler daughter Ava-Monroe adopted from Kazakhstan in 2007. The family has requested that donations be made in Casey’s memory to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Our condolences to the Johnson family on their tragic loss.

Sir Elton Helps Eminem Fight His Drug Addiction

In Celebrity, Human Interest, Music on February 24, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Author: Alicia Milan

Sir Elton John, 62, music legend, icon, openly homosexual and recovered drug addict wants to help others struggling with addiction problems. In a BBC radio interview, Elton spoke of his past drug abuse and his willingness to help those who are ready to accept that help.

He went on to say that he has worked with Eminem, 37, the long troubled and eminently successful rapper, known for bashing homosexuals in his lyrics for well over a year now. An unlikely pairing, that goes to show when all else is stripped away, it simply comes down to one human being helping another.

Eminem has admitted in the past to a crippling drug problem that had him consuming large quantities of pills. He spoke of taking twenty a day of Ambien, Vicodin and Valium combined, but in an interview with Vibe magazine he stated, “the number got so high …I don’t even know what I was taking.”

Eminem is no stranger to rehab.  His first attempt took place in 2005 following a drug overdose. He took pills given to him by an acquaintance without any knowledge of what he was ingesting. As it turned out, they were methadone and almost killed him.

According to Sir Elton, Eminem is “doing brilliantly”. Here’s wishing Eminem continued success in fighting his demons, and kudos to Elton for his willingness to help and give back

Rosie O’Donnell Goes Public with New Gal Pal

In Celebrity, Human Interest on February 24, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Author: Alicia Milan

Rosie O’Donnell admitted openly that she did not enjoy being single. It’s been just over two years since her partner Kelli Carpenter moved out. This past Tuesday, Rosie went pubic with her new girlfriend Tracy Kachtick-Anders, and their status was confirmed by her rep. They were seen and photographed out and about holding hands in Miami Beach looking very much the happy couple.

Tracy Kachtick-Anders is a Texas based artist also very active in parenting, foster and adoption issues for the gender bender set. She has six children of her own, five of them adopted. Add that to Rosie’s four and they may want to consider an alternative lifestyle Table for 12 reality show! Good to see Rosie happy and paired off once again!

Ivana Trump Makes a Habit of Foul Airplane Behavior

In Celebrity, Human Interest on February 24, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Author: Alicia Milan

Ivana Trump was escorted off of a Delta-Northwest airplane at Palm Beach International Airport on Saturday December 26th. Ms. Trump became irate when children were running and yelling in the aisles and she reportedly responded by  directing profanity at them. She was increasingly agitated by the flight crew’s attempt to soothe her. As a result of her belligerant behavior Sherrif’s deputies offered Ms. Trump the option of voluntarily exiting the plane, but her refusal earned her an escort.

This appears to be an emerging pattern for the Ex-Mrs.Donald Trump. The NY Post reported that a few months back she was removed pre-flight after offering more kind words to the children in her vicinity and verbally assaulting the airplane crew. Andrew Frank, a fellow passenger on the plane reported that she called his children “barbarians”.

Perhaps the child unfriendly, or more accurately, foul flyer, would be better off asking the Donald for occasional use of his private plane. While it is apparent that this socialite is truly offended by the children of commoners, an easy fix would be for Ivana to avoid airplanes utilized by commoners. The Donald would certainly be doing a great service to children and flight staff alike. What do you say Mr. Trump?

Connecticut Quadruplets Accepted to Yale

In College Education, Family, Human Interest on February 17, 2010 at 11:56 am

Author: Alicia Milan

The Crouch quadruplets of Danbury, Connecticut may have just made Yale history. The quads — Martina, Carol, Ray and Ken — all applied for early admission to the Ivy League icon Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. On Tuesday, December 15th they logged in one at a time to the web site of Yale’s admissions office. One by one, they were gifted with the blue screen that shows the university mascot and those much sought after words, “Welcome to the Class of 2014.” The Crouches, who attend Danbury HS, all rank within the top 46 out of a class of 632 and have exceptional SAT scores. It is the first time in memory that a set of quads have been accepted at the school.

Whether or not they all accept and attend the University will in large part be a monetary decision. While Yale is known for meeting the financial needs of its applicants, four at the same time in an Ivy League school is a dollar amount that boggles the mind. Yale seems commited and excited at the prospect of having the Crouches attend and takes into consideration all factors when proposing a financial aid package.   

As for the proud parents who are both college graduates, in their own words, “We’re honored and humbled.”