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Kate Gosselin’s Planning New Episodes of Pimp my Pride

In Celebrity, Family, Reality TV, Television on January 19, 2011 at 11:24 am

Author: Alicia Milan

Kate Gosselin, of Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame and of the Dancing with the Stars debacle, is returning to her own show and then some. This woman’s 15 minutes of fame has gone on way too long. As annoying as she is to me personally, I loved Jon & Kate Plus 8. It is the children that the viewers adore, and as long as they are around, she will have a hand of cards to play.

So here’s the scoop: A rep for TLC confirmed for People magazine that she will be starring in a new series called Twist of Kate. The show will begin airing this summer in a sort of fan-letter response to highlight women in their own tough situations. I am curious as to the tough situation that qualified Kate to head up this new series? Millions of women have cheating husbands and get divorced. Very few have it happen while making bucket loads of money pimping their kids on TV and in books. Not one thing about this new show sounds interesting, but time will tell.

The kids will come in on a number of specials on TLC of Kate Plus 8. So Kate will continue to pimp her pride, something many viewers will never tire of. Although I have to note here, on the final episodes where it was just her and the kids, her annoying factor skyrocketed as she ‘performed’ for the cameras announcing all of her ‘alone firsts’ and trying way too hard to show that she could carry Jon & Kate Plus 8 without Jon. 

Here’s hoping we see the more natural environment of the Gosselin pride that we know and love.


Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva No Longer a Couple

In Celebrity, Family, Human Interest on January 19, 2011 at 11:19 am

Author: Alicia Milan

Mel Gibson has split with his baby-mama, pianist and singer, Oksana Grigorieva. I know this probably comes as shock to many of you and the public upset must be tremendous. They have dated for a whole year and have a five-month old daughter together named Lucia. It’s always so sad to see the demise of long, loving relationships.

People reportsthat they just “drifted apart.” It is encouraging to hear that they remain friends and will raise Lucia together. I am sure he will fit her in somewhere with the fathering duties to his brood of seven children and two grandchildren with his now ex-wife, Robyn Moore. They were together approximately 30 years before she filed for divorce after being separated from Mel for three years.

Mel is well known for his drinking problems, as well as his hatred for Jews, and his very vocal stance denying the existance of the Holocaust. The Russian Ms. Grigorieva may have made the fatal mistake of not learning English well enough first before pairing off with the delightful Mr. Gibson. Perhaps if she had, she would have learned earlier on what an a**hole he really is and would have run for the hills before producing more of his spawn.

If she was fluent in English upon their pairing, I cannot fathom why in the world she would choose this poor excuse for a man as her baby’s father. The only thing that comes to mind is dollar signs, which may have deafened, blinded, and robbed her of all common sense, as so often happens when wealth is involved.

Truly, the last thing this world needs, is more of his children. Please god I pray that the mothers have some intelligence and common sense and teach the children truth, tolerance and to just be decent human beings.  God knows Mel doesn’t have that capacity, although he apparently has the capacity for large quantities of alcohol. I would like to believe the pickling of his brain and liver is responsible for some of his horrific behavior, but he espoused his deranged beliefs long ago, while quite sober.

Do the world a favor Mr. Gibson, go back to Australia. Be a father to the children you have produced and don’t speak publicly ever again. Live a life out of the public eye where no one ever need be exposed to your hateful rhetoric. The world, and I, will be eternally grateful.

Connecticut Quadruplets Accepted to Yale

In College Education, Family, Human Interest on February 17, 2010 at 11:56 am

Author: Alicia Milan

The Crouch quadruplets of Danbury, Connecticut may have just made Yale history. The quads — Martina, Carol, Ray and Ken — all applied for early admission to the Ivy League icon Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. On Tuesday, December 15th they logged in one at a time to the web site of Yale’s admissions office. One by one, they were gifted with the blue screen that shows the university mascot and those much sought after words, “Welcome to the Class of 2014.” The Crouches, who attend Danbury HS, all rank within the top 46 out of a class of 632 and have exceptional SAT scores. It is the first time in memory that a set of quads have been accepted at the school.

Whether or not they all accept and attend the University will in large part be a monetary decision. While Yale is known for meeting the financial needs of its applicants, four at the same time in an Ivy League school is a dollar amount that boggles the mind. Yale seems commited and excited at the prospect of having the Crouches attend and takes into consideration all factors when proposing a financial aid package.   

As for the proud parents who are both college graduates, in their own words, “We’re honored and humbled.”